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  • Play Death Penalty: Zombie Football

    138259 plays

    Death Penalty: Zombie Football

    Death Penalty: Zombie Football is a soccer game (or football game, for those of you...

  • Play Free Kick Expert

    122003 plays

    Free Kick Expert

    Free Kick Expert isn't an overly complicated soccer game offering rather simple controls and a...

  • Play Smart Soccer

    116378 plays

    Smart Soccer

    Most soccer games out there focus on the offensive - and think about it, the...

  • Play Emirates Fifa World Cup

    88783 plays

    Emirates Fifa World Cup

    Emirates Fifa World Cup is actually a pretty simple game once you figure out what...

  • Play Shoot Em In

    73749 plays

    Shoot Em In

    Shoot Em In is a unique and entertaining soccer game that will put your skills...

  • Play Champions 2 Euro 2008

    73179 plays

    Champions 2 Euro 2008

    Champions 2 Euro 2008 is an entertaining soccer game in which you can choose your...

  • Play Super Free Kicks

    72525 plays

    Super Free Kicks

    Super Free Kicks is a wonderfully unique and well animated soccer game in which your...

  • Play Soccer Balls

    70728 plays

    Soccer Balls

    A soccer game developed by Turbo Nuke and published by Kongregate (one of my favorite...

  • Play Metatron Beach Soccer

    69656 plays

    Metatron Beach Soccer

    Metatron Beach Soccer is a soccer game featuring semi-3D graphics, detailed backgrounds, and realistic sound...

  • Play Goalkeeper Challenge

    66455 plays

    Goalkeeper Challenge

    Goalkeeper Challenge is a simple and fun soccer game featuring quality graphics, and minimal sound...

  • Play Super Soccer Star

    64038 plays

    Super Soccer Star

    Super Soccer Star is one of the most addictive and entertaining penalty shot soccer games...

  • Play Against the Wall

    61325 plays

    Against the Wall

    Against the Wall starts off with a pretty laid back premise - you and your...

  • Play Really Bend It Like Beckham

    58693 plays

    Really Bend It Like Beckham

    Really Bend It Like Beckham is a soccer game that advertises soccer great David Beckham's...

  • Play New Star Soccer

    57385 plays

    New Star Soccer

    New Star Soccer is a soccer game where you portray a rookie footballer on his...

  • Play Side Kick 2007

    57083 plays

    Side Kick 2007

    Side Kick 2007 is a soccer game featuring great graphics, realistic audio, and frantic gameplay....

  • Play Ronaldo 2 Real

    56374 plays

    Ronaldo 2 Real

    Ronaldo 2 Real is another humorous soccer game developed by Mousebreaker. This soccer game is...

  • Play Wear the Shirt

    56045 plays

    Wear the Shirt

    With great graphics and an easy to understand premise, Wear the Shirt is a great...

  • Play 2 on 2 Soccer

    51789 plays

    2 on 2 Soccer

    2 On 2 Soccer - this is one of those soccer games that are quite...

  • Play Juggle

    51011 plays


    This is not one of your average soccer games... PERIOD. Nah, there are no players...

  • Play Striker Run

    48994 plays

    Striker Run

    Striker Run is a soccer game developed by Mousebreaker, makers of quality sports games. Striker...

  • Play Champion Soccer 2006

    45098 plays

    Champion Soccer 2006

    Champion Soccer 2006 is a simple soccer game that provides a great test of hand-eye...

  • Play Beckham Can Still Play

    44928 plays

    Beckham Can Still Play

    In March of 2010, famous soccer player, David Beckham, suffered an injury to his Achilles...

  • Play Bicycle Kick Champ

    44290 plays

    Bicycle Kick Champ

    The bicycle kick (or scissor kick) is a kick that is performed by jumping into...

  • Play On the Volley

    42142 plays

    On the Volley

    On the Volley is a soccer game that requires the use of only one button....

  • Play Rooney on the Rampage

    39575 plays

    Rooney on the Rampage

    Wayne Rooney is an English footballer (soccer player for all of us North Americans) that...

  • Play South Africa 2010

    38586 plays

    South Africa 2010

    South Africa 2010 is a soccer game (or association football game for international players)...

  • Play 3 on 1 Soccer

    38492 plays

    3 on 1 Soccer

    Here's the idea behind 3 On 1 Soccer: you control 3 forwards and you are...

  • Play Skyline Soccer

    38073 plays

    Skyline Soccer

    Skyline Soccer is a soccer game presented by Pepsi Co. Skyline Soccer features outstanding graphics...

  • Play Freekick Mania

    37512 plays

    Freekick Mania

    Freekick Mania is a simple yet addicting soccer game. Freekick Mania features cute anime-style graphics,...

  • Play Stan James Free Kick Challenge

    37506 plays

    Stan James Free Kick Challenge

    Stan James Free Kick Challenge is a soccer game presented by Stan James, a British...

  • Play Penalty Master 2

    37232 plays

    Penalty Master 2

    Penalty Master 2 is a soccer game that is the sequel to Penalty Master. Penalty...

  • Play Miniball

    37096 plays


    The objective in this game of soccer is simple: win the match by being the...

  • Play City Soccer Shootout

    36942 plays

    City Soccer Shootout

    City Soccer Shootout is a simple soccer game based on the Nickelodeon show, "Just For...

  • Play VR World Cup Soccer

    36739 plays

    VR World Cup Soccer

    VR World Cup Soccer is a soccer game that allows you to play exhibition matches...

  • Play Soccer Shootout

    35111 plays

    Soccer Shootout

    Soccer Shootout is an engrossing and addictive team soccer game that challenges you to score...

  • Play Crunchball 3000

    34442 plays

    Crunchball 3000

    Crunchball 3000 is a futuristic sports game that has a lot to offer! This hybrid...

  • Play Midfield Master

    33822 plays

    Midfield Master

    Don't be fooled by first impressions. Midfield Master is not nearly as complicated as it...

  • Play Sports Heads: Football Championship

    33140 plays

    Sports Heads: Football Championship

    Sports Heads: Football Championship is the sequel to the soccer game, Sports Heads: Football. Sports...

  • Play The Champions 07

    30354 plays

    The Champions 07

    The Champions 07 is the first of the Champions series of soccer games. The Champions...


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