2 on 2 Soccer

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2 on 2 Soccer Instructions

2 On 2 Soccer - the controls of this soccer game is quite easy to follow. Most of the time you have to use your mouse to control the players in the game: (1) first off, roll over the desired human player to make it walk towards the direction you like. (2) Hit the left click button. This increases the kick's power. When you are near the ball, release it to kick with all your might. (3) Computer players, who wear white soccer jersey, are your opponents in this game. Don't let them get the goal. (4) To pass the ball to another player, press the number of the player to receive the ball instead of kicking it. Nothing really difficult or complicated as far as understanding how the controls work. The only quibble I have in this department is that you can't find the in game instructions easily. The button is hidden somewhere in the top right corner and I had to figure stuff out myself the first time I was playing. The result was a love-set in favor of the AI players. BUT no biggie, you can read the instructions from here so consider yourself lucky. Onto the game...


2 on 2 Soccer


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