3 on 1 Soccer

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3 on 1 Soccer Instructions

The controls of 3 On 1 Soccer is a little harder compared to other soccer games out there like 2 on 2 Soccer. Instead of using your mouse to control the players (which is a lot easier), you will use your keyboard (especially the directional keys) for the most part: (1) Press the up directional key and your player will move forward. (2) The left and right arrow keys are for steering and turning accordingly, and (3) to move back a little, just hit the down directional button. Press the Shift or S button to pass the ball to your fellow team mate. And when you are ready to make a shot... when the defender is out of place, hit the space bar or D button to shoot... and hope that the goalie is NOT fast enough to catch the ball. That's it for the controls. Now let's take a closer look at the game.


3 on 1 Soccer


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